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Two Black male students


The Network supports African American men inside the classroom while offering them peer and professional mentoring, and life skills outside of the classroom. It seeks to cultivate a safe space for students to be themselves, by promoting, valuing, and celebrating all. We offer initiatives that positively address and impact retention and graduation rates at Wayne State. The majority of the individuals that participate are African American/Black men; however, our learning communities are open all that are interested in being involved.

Meet our Peer Mentor

John Nzasi (he/him) 

John Nzasi Photo

John Nzasi is a Med Direct Scholar at Wayne State University studying Public Health and Chemistry. His passion for medicine and healthcare stems from his mother and father who are a nurse anesthetist and a chemist, respectively. Prior to becoming a Network mentor, John was a Network mentee under the great mentor Dr. Joseph Bradfield. Apart from studying to become a doctor, John enjoys spending time alone to play video games, cook, draw, or binge movies/tv! John's vision for the Network learning community is to create a space for black men to uplift other black men as we work to achieve our ambitions.


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